Workshops for all levels
(venue: DanceAct Tantsustuudio, Narva Road 9E)

Sofia Saborido & Pablo InzaJulian Ingram
Friday, 15th July 2016
13:00-14:30Hardcore technique I
15:00-16:30Hardcore technique II

17:00-18:30Giro I

Saturday, 16th July 2016

DJ Insight Workshop: 25 Key Points for Every DJ
15:00-16:30Dynamic change and quality movement I

17:00-18:30Giro II
Sunday, 17th July 2016
Musicality lesson - Golden Age Explosion: Birth of an Era
15:00-16:30Dynamic change and quality movement II

17:00-18:30Giro III

Description of classes
Hardcore Technique (2x1,5h, ALL) - advanced work on fundamental things. If you like to work deeply with your technique, this class is for you: individual and couple technique, connection, quality of movement, posture, axis, change of weight and pivot. This class is highly recommended for all levels if you have never worked with Pablo and Sofia before. 
Giro (3x1,5h, ADV) - studying the giro. Turns for nerds! Approaching three kinds of giros which vary according to the different embraces. Giros milongueros - keeping a steady close embrace / Giros with rolling - moving the contact point inside the embrace / Giros in open embrace - fulfilling the open space inside the abrazo."

Milonga! (1x1,5h, INT) - some classic moves to enjoy milonga on a crowded dance floor.                                     

Dynamic change and quality movement (2x1,5h, INT/ADV) - this class aims to provide the couple with tools to develop the movement from a personal perspective, linked to the music as one main input, giving space to both the leader and the follower to propose a movement. The class gives a new value to all your usual moves by changing the dynamics or adding different qualities to the movement.                                    

DJ Insight Workshop: 25 Key Points for Every DJ (1x2h, ALL) - this seminar focuses on the internal workings of a tango DJ. Its ultimate purpose is to teach the DJ how to build any floor's trust. There is a growing number of regularly asked questions that I (Julian) have asked myself as a DJ or others have asked me during previous workshops, but there is a number that “break the ice” to get an open line of dialogue going. The workshop also tries to demystify what it takes to become a DJ and encourages those wishing to be by explaining in a simple language the 25 key points that contribute in a way to the success and enjoyment of a milonga by the dancers, untalked about. The workshop seeks to empower the DJ by giving him/her the tools to be able to go beyond DJing purely off the sensation, and make them the most informed tangueros in the room.                    
Musicality - Golden Age Explosion: Birth of an Era“ (1x1h45, ALL) - understanding the development of the Golden Age orchestras and dancing to the moods they create. The Golden Age of tango meant an explosion of musical diversity, new sounds and the ever-changing ways of embodying tango. In this seminar, you will gain access to understanding not only these new sounds and changes, but also the ways of unlocking your musicality in the dance through things like how D'Arienzo changed both tango music history as well as the dance forever and what is the essence of the complexity of Troilo or the smoothness of Fresedo, etc. Understanding the latter is perhaps the best way to embrace their essence on the dance floor while also unlocking your musicality.